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Fyre is a first-person horror game which plays in the early 20th century.

The big house behind the hill was always occupied by an old, rich man. At least that is what the women of your village said. He had never showed up in public and stayed behind the hill. The only sign of his existance were loud voices you could hear inside the house from time to time. But for years, nobody had entered the house or talked to its owner. One day, the hunter's son disappeared behind the hill. His father who went there to search him was also never seen again. Now, a few months later, you decide to enter the house to look what is going on there...

Find the 80 cursed coins keeping HIM alive and get out of the house before HE gets you.

Install instructions

If you download the Mac version of the game make sure you have installed a program which is able to open 7z archives.


Fyre.zip 141 MB
Fyre(Mac).7z 124 MB